Monday, February 28, 2011

Tech News 21 Feb 2011 - "Night Dragon", oil industry besieged?

Companies in the oil industry have for many years now, been attacked by hackers using various schemes in an attempt to gain confidential information about the oil companies. However, recently those oil companies worst nightmares has but come true. Earlier in the month McAfee had detected intrusions (McAfee named this series of breaches "Night Dragon") in those oil companies' networks, showing that a group of well co-ordinated hackers had broken into the companies' information systems. McAfee, who gives a detailed description in the links below of how the company networks were breached, said that the attacks originated from Chinese IP Addresses. The attack was known to have been somewhat successful, since the hackers had looked mostly at files that were relating to oil and gas field production and financial documents. In my blog last week, I had mentioned about the Siemens industrial devices that had been hacked. We could be looking at the beginning of a similar situation. The hackers that breached the oil companies had also accessed files that contained SCADA ( supervisory control and data acquisition) information that involves the operational processes within oil pipelines and refineries. Something similar to that of Stuxnet, is certainly something that the oil industry would not like to have to worry about in the future.

global energy cyberattacksnightdragon

global energy industry hit in night dragon attacks

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